Sabbagh Dental Services


Sabbagh Dental Services

This site intends to provide an informative reference for those dentists who are curious about the differences in the healthcare systems, the way dentistry is delivered and practiced, postgraduate exams/training and,employment.



Will try to provide a practical information about the statutory requirement to practice dentistry in the US (for non-US/Canadian graduates), Britain (for non-European graduates), and Syria (for non-Arabic graduates).
Postgraduate training providers, Hospitals & Specialist units, and the specialty of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for dentists.

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The contents of e-Sabbagh pages are an informative free general view and, it is based on the information which already exist from other sources

It is based on our personal experience; your career is always your responsibility. We intended to give you a starting point and to facilitate your future search.

We advice you to contact the right authority for more information before you make up your mind (if any of the information has changed, we would appreciate it if you contact us to update this site).

Finally, We have nothing to do with the visa procedures nor we offer any help and advice on that matter.

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